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Please read our terms and conditions, as by successfully making an appointment with Room Service Encounters you agree to these terms.


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Discretion / Contact

Our escort ladies have chosen the support of an agency, because they do not want private contact prior to or after the date, as you do not. We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you to prove a true gentleman and to not push for her private number and / or email addresses. Our ladies will perceive such attempts as uncomfortable and unwelcome. We like to point out to our customers, that we will not be held responsible for any indiscretions, which may result from private contacts to our ladies!

Direct Contact to Our Escort Ladies

The possibility of direct contact to your escort lady is not provided to you. The first contact before any date will always be the agency. Our ladies have made ​​a conscious decision for an agency and want to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience. They appreciate the discretion that we can give them as an agency.

Claims for Damages

We are not liable for damages or for claims of compensation. If you are delayed in any way (rail, air, highway congestion, etc.) please inform us by telephone. We will also inform you immediately, should the booked escort lady not be able to make the appointment.

Inquiries, Reservations, Conclusion of Agreement

Sending an e-mail reservation or making a telephonic request will not conclude a legal agreement. This is only regarded a first contact. Upon recieving your request, we will immediately contact you and confirm receipt of your request.

Please note that we need sufficient lead time to proceed the booking of our models, since most are working or studying (at least 2-3 days in advance, when traveling at least 2 weeks in advance). However, we are also trying to organize short-term dates for you. Together we will set and confirm the details of the booking, especially the location, time, duration and manner of service, according to our Terms & conditions. An in this way concluded agreement will seal a contract (preferably by email or into some cases by phone).


Please consign the agreed remuneration in cash, at the beginning of your appointment, in an unsealed and unlabeled envelope to your chosen lady, if you have not transferred the amount to the account of the agency.

If payment is made ​​by bank transfer, we will provide the necessary information via e-mail.


On booking a duration of 2 days or more or if the distance of the residence of the lady to the location of you choice (by car, train or plane) is more than 150 miles, all travel costs incurred will be due prior to the dates.

Legal Relationship

The customer comissions Room Service Encounters to provide upon his request an escort to provide companionship for social accompaniment. Hereupon Room Service Encounters comissions the escort to provide companionship for the customer for social accompaniment upon his request. Therefore the high class escort agency Room Service Encounters acts as a platform to arrange such contacts. All payments made to Room Service Encounters are fees for the agency's mediation operation as well as for the temporary company of the female persons with whom contacts were arranged by the agency. We do not provide immoral services or services that are contra bonos mores. All employees are working in their own name and in their own account. The escort models work as self-employed freelancers. Contact with the escorts may only be established for providing companionship for social accompaniment and for no actions beyond that.


If for ​​important professional or personal reasons it is not possible for you to make the appointment, please inform us immediately. We gladly postpone your rendezvous to another date. Travel bookings are subject to a cancellation protection, since, based on experience, the cost of booked plane or train tickets are not, or in exceptional cases only partially, reimbursed by the travel agencies.

Privacy Policy

All personal data are protected in accordance with data protection regulations, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act.




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